Miles Parker Family Pictures

These Photos Graciously Submitted by Harold Gregory
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Miles Parker Family
Sitting Left to Right
Julie Parker, Florance Parker, Miles Parker, Jewell Parker[in lap]
Back row standing:
Evie Parker, Abe Parker, Dothulie Parker, Gracie Parker, Ramsey Parker and Neppie Parker.
(Not in this picture Womack Parker.)

Miles {Mike] Parker and Julie Wright Parker. Miles was son of Jessie Parker, the son of John Parker,
the son of Francis Parker who came to Dixon Creek from Va. in 1796 which became Smith
County. Miles lived in the Dixon creek, Cato Area his entire life.
Julia Dorthulia Wright's father was Robert Green Wright born 1813 in Amelia Co. Va..
Her mother was Mary Mayo.

Neppie Parker married Edmond Rome Gregory son of John H. Spud Gregory.

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Miles "Mike" Parker and Julia Wright Parker
A Picture of The Headstone Of Miles and Julia who are buried in the Jesse Beasley Cemetery
can be seen on the cemetery page:

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