William Campbell Earps and related Family Pictures

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Photos Scanned By John Waggoner Jr.

William C. Earps and wife Martha Burris (Burrows)
William Campbell Earps (27 Dec 1847 - 27 May 1930) and wife Martha Burris (Burrows)
(14 Dec 1846-28 June 1920) shown at their home on Nickajack Road.
Martha was the second wife of William married on 29 Oct 1878 after the death of his first
wife Emily Gregory (14 Sept 1850-3 Feb 1878). William had married Emily on 7 Oct 1869.
William and Emily Earps are buried at the Earps cemetery in Nixon Hollow and Martha is buried at
Davis Cemetery near Russell Hill in Macon County.

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Nixon Hollow

William C. Earps and Emily Gregory had the following children:
James Henry Earps ( b. 27 Sep. 1875 d. 6 Mar. 1939) md Rutha A. Dias (b. 3 Apr. 1885 d. 20 Aug. 1964)
Paris Earps (1 Apr 1871-17 Apr 1958) md. Richard (Dick) Beal (27 Feb 1870-28 Apr 1945).
Buried Poley Beasley Cemetery.
Sallie Earps ( 2 Apr 1875-31 Mar 1911-died of TB) md. John Wilson Shoulders (24 Feb 1865 - 28 Apr 1942)
Buried Earps Cemetery - Nickajack Road.
Gilbert (Gid) Earps( 9 Dec 1877-2 Jul 1953) md Sarah Elizabeth Towns (13 Nov 1880-8 Jan 1956).
Buried Earps Cemetery - Nickajack Road.

William C. Earps and Martha Burris (Burrows) had the following children:
Jane Earps md. James Bud Anderson
Lucy Earps ( 31 July 1882 - 23 Dec 1909) md. Sam Davis

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Nickajack and Frog Branch Roads

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Richard (Dick) and Paris Earps Beal Family
Sitting on the porch are L to R -Richard (Dick) Beal - Paris Earps Beal wife of Richard, Benjamin Beal,
unknown child, standing Lola Watson Beal, Bertha Shoulders, Emma Gregory

Sallie & Susan Jane Earps
This Portrait also seen on the porch picture just above of The Richard & Paris Earps Beal Family.
On the left is Sallie Earps who married James Wilson Shoulders,
On the right is Susan Jane Earps who married James Bennett Anderson..

Wilson Shoulders Family
L to R - Bertha, Hailey, Sallie (Earps), Arab, Bertha, Claude, Wilson, Jimmie, Bryant.

Bud Anderson & wife Jane (Earps)

Susan Jane & Lucy Earps
Susan Jane Earps (Married James B. Anderson) and Lucy Earps ( Married Sam Davis).
The item in the chair is marked Holy Bible.

Jane Earps

Bill Earps

James Earps and wife

Gid Earps and wife Sarah Towns

Martha Burrows Earps tombstone
Martha Burrows Earps tombstone at Davis Cemetery- Russell Hill-Macon County

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Russell Hill

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