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Rome Baptist Church
"This Baptist Church was an offspring of the Knob Springs church, situated
northwest of Rome, and was started largely by the efforts of W.N. Suite, a
local cabinet maker.

The church was constituted on Saturday before the first Sunday in December
1854 (December 2) with ten members. Elders W.H. Hale, W.N. Suite and John
Gold acting as presbytery. Before 1900 this church had a total of seven
pastors, including J.W. Bowen, E.B. Haynie, G.W. Griffin, J.C. Brien, W.N.
Suite, J.M. Phillips, J.T. Oakley, John Harper, W.H. Smith, T.J. Eastes,
and J.B. Fletcher. The church continues to meet in the same building that was
used in the nineteenth century, although the building has been altered."

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The New Rome Baptist Church
During 2003 - 2004 the members of the church built a spacious new building in front of the old church building.

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