Mt. Tabor Baptizing And Congregation

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Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Baptizing 1913
These eighteen converts were being baptized into Mt. Tabor Baptist Church at Pleasant Shade in 1913.
C. B. (Cap) Massey, the pastor at that time, is performing the baptisms. The only other known
person is Robert David (Corker Bob or Corker) Dickerson, the first young man on the extreme left.
He was the son of James Samuel (Jim) and Matilda Anderson Dickerson. Jim Dickerson was the son
of Lanson and Rebecca Granade Dickerson. Matilda was the daughter of John Gordon (Gort) and Sarah
Graves Anderson. Corker was a younger brother of my grandfather, John Thomas Dickerson.

Marilyn Wilmore Johnson has recently provided a more complete listing of the baptismal candidates.
L-R, row 1: Ethel Gregory, Sally Smith, Clara Gregory, EthelWilliams,
Evie Hiett, Etta Wilmore, Jewell Earps and C. B. Massey.
Row 2: Bob Dickerson, Mun Beal, Lee Porter, Billy Dias, Charlie Toney, unknown,
Johnson Dillehay, unknown, Mayben Alexander, Frank Watson and John Oldham.

Etta Wilmore was Marilyn Wilmore Johnson's grandmother.

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Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Baptizing 1936
Beth Sloan Wilburn provided this picture and names of the individuals.
Baptismal service of twenty-eight converts into Mt. Tabor Baptist Church
located near Pleasant Shade on Aug 30, 1936.

L-r: Pastor. F. W. Lambert, Curtis "Fat" Boston, Herbert Wilmore, Lester Smith,
Lee Brooks, Clarence Benton Taylor, Bennie Hiett, Dalton Dickerson, Wade
Milton Dickerson, Garrett Porter, ? Law, Freeman Ligon, Mettie B. Wilmore,
Geneva Oldham, unknown, Gertrude Chambers, unknown, unknown, Beulah Smith,
Dovie Jewel Smith, Ercie Gregory, unknown, Emogene Williams, Geraldine Shoulders,
Odie Mai Taylor, Bevie Taylor, unknown, unknown and Mack Beasley Williams.

The man in white behind F. W. Lambert is Alton Williams, father of Emogene Williams Sloan,
mother of Beth Sloan Wilburn. Alton did not attend church much but stated he wanted to be
close by in case the preacher started to let Emogene drown. Next to Alton is Dred Williams
and the boy in overalls is Rex Williams. The others are unknown.

Note by Tom Dickerson:
Herbert Wilmore was the father of Mettie Wilmore and the future father-in-law
of three of the men pictured: Lee Brooks, Dalton and Milton Dickerson.
(Dalton and Milton "Monk" are my uncles but I am much more handsome than they.)
Baptizing was held in Peyton's Creek near the church building in the Graveltown Community.

Pleasant Shade Church Gathering
Calvin Gregory made this picture at his house at Pleasant Shade in about 1924. These people
probably gathered at Cal's house after a fifth Sunday meeting at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church. A
number of these people were from Defeated Creek and Sycamore Valley Baptist churches.

Row 1, L-R: Mai Stevens (wife of Pleasant Shade banker, O. W. Stevens), Anna Gregory
(Cal's sister), Mrs. Windfield S. Parkhurst, Windfield S. Parkhurst, Mai Gregory (Cal's
wife), Meddie (Cal's daughter), Clarence Porter (wife of Hudson Ellis Porter) and daughter,
Mildred (later wife of Carthage doctor, Hugh E. Green - Mildred was unhappy because
Meddie would not let her play with the big doll), unknown

Row 2, L-R: Mrs. Oldham (Charlie Oldham's mother and Lou Oldham's mother-in-law),
Lou Oldham (wife of Charlie Oldham), Mrs. Green, unknown, young lady unknown, Mrs.
Luther Jones, Thula Oldham (wife of Henry Oldham), Sally Oldham (daughter of Henry),
Sally Sutton (wife of Philander Sutton), Fanny Massey (wife of C. B. Massey), unknown

Row 3, L-R: Mrs. Kemp, Mr. Kemp, unknown, Hudson Ellis Porter, Haskell Kemp
(song leader), Luther Jones, Henry Oldham (Baptist minister), Philander Sutton
(later father-in-law of Cal's sister, Anna), C. B. Massey (Baptist minister), unknown

Row 4, unknown.

After the deaths of their spouses, Thula Oldham and C. B. Massey were married.

There are a number of stories about C. B. Massey, Henry Oldham, Haskell Kemp and
others in this picture in the "Cal's Column Articles". In the May 4, 1950 article, Cal
writes about the comments Luther Jones made regarding his first attempt at preaching.

Picture and names provided by Meddie Gregory Wilburn, daughter of Calvin Gregory.

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Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Congregation
Calvin Gregory made this picture of the Mt. Tabor Baptist Church (located near Pleasant
Shade) congregation in about 1935. Elois Gregory, Clarence Porter and Hudson Ellis
"Huts" Porter are the only known people in the picture. Elois was the granddaughter of
Huts and Clarence and the daughter of Effie Porter Gregory and Jeff Gregory. She is
the young lady in the checked coat just behind the hood of the Chevrolet. Clarence is
to her back in the black hat and black coat (further right in the picture). Huts is the
man looking toward and nearest to the camera. I guess the owner of the (1931?)
Ford coupe was a democrat since there is a Roosevelt sticker on the windshield.

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