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The Wooten Cemetery
The Wooten Cemetery is located on top of hill across road from Cedar Point Church on the Wooten Farm
at #16 Cedar Point Circle. This cemetery is well fenced and maintained. In a beautiful location in a hilltop field.
36-13-20N 85-57-35W

Wooten, Cleon A 5 Nov 1901 - 28 Mar 1931
Wooten, Margie 15 June 1908 - (living in CA.)

Following four graves in a fenced enclosure:
Wooten, Lula 13 Feb 1884 - 3 Jan 1929
Wooten, William Henry 8 Sep 1871 - 19 Nov 1919
Wooten, Paralee 24 July 1849 - 29 Sep 1913
W/O Robert Ward Wooten
Wooten, Mettie 3 Jan 1908 - 11 Mar 1918
D/O W.H. & Nannie Wooten

Baker, Ada Lynch 20 Sep 1875 - 5 Nov 1947
Baker, W.J. 31 Jan 1869 - (No death date)
Baker, Hettie Claudine 18 Oct 1902 - 20 Sep 1919
Gass, Henry D .1857 - 1931
Gass, Letha Boze 1852 - 1929

There are possibly 25 other unmarked and marked by fieldstone graves. Near the
tombstone of Cleon A. Wooten are four fieldstones that mark the children of
Elmer & Mai Wooten. One was three months old named Dale Wayne Wooten
and others died at birth. To the west of Gass stone where the cedar tree stands
a brother of Henry Gass is buried- name unknown. A fieldstone near the East
side of iron fence is _____ Smith Lynch, wife of Ike Lynch. On the West side
of cemetery a Confederate soldier is buried who died from wounds at a nearby
skirmish. He had a hand carved stone until about 50 years ago when it became
missing. Name of the soldier may have been Hathaway.

Copied by Retta Waggoner March 6, 2002.

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