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Woodson Cemetery
The Woodson Cemetery is located near 334 Dry Fork Creek Road about 1 1/2
miles from Hwy 53 at Brush Creek. It is located on the Bob Oakly farm
about 1/4 mile from the road at the edge of woods.
36-08-64N   86-00-72W

Woodson, John J. 14 Mar 1840 - 21 Sept 1917
Woodson, Malinda Bradley 27 Sept 1838 - 16 Jan 1923 w/o John J.(Married 26 Jan 1858)
Woodson, W.T. 19 Feb 1866 - 7 Feb 1914

There are many graves here but marked only with fieldstones bearing no markings.
Malinda Woodson was the d/o Benjamin and Frances (Lancaster) Bradley, it is believed
that the unmarked graves may be those of the Lancaster family.
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(Names and dates from Smith County Cemeteries-South of the Cumberland River Page 169)
Uploaded June 2000

July 23, 2006
On July 23, 2006 Doug and Lori Lancaster of Texas placed two markers in
memory of Lancaster ancestors buried here. Those markers were for:

Lancaster, Wm Allen 1772-1860
Lancaster, Judith 1776-1855

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