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Tobias Williams Cemetery
The Tobias Williams Cemetery is located on the Battle Ridge Farm at Difficult. The graves
of Tobias Williams (Oct 1746 - 15 Apr 1834), wife Jemima Claridy (1754- death date not known)
and their son in law William Parker are beside a barn in a low indian mound. Although they
are not marked the location of each graves has been passed down thru the family for generations.
Tobias's stone is said to be located about a foot from the tree with his wife next to him.
There are several other graves located here also.
GPS 36-21-945N 85-53-511W

Battle Ridge Entrance
The Williams Store (closed) at Difficult is in the background. Tobias's grave is on
the hill to the right of this sign and a Williams Cemetery is behind the store
where some of the children of Tobias is buried.

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