Wilkerson Hollow Cemetery Pictures

These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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The four cemeteries shown are along a mile long road in the Wilkerson Hollow.
This road turns off the Bradford Hill Road 1 1/2 miles from Main Steet South
in South Carthage.

The first cemetery is 2/10 miles in front yard of old house. The dressed stone
crypt is the grave of Dee Sampson who was killed by lightning. He and his cousin
Henry Dawson were both stuck but Henry survived. Several loose rock are piled on
this crypt which is reported to be fieldstones from other graves that was in immediate area.

The second and third cemeteries along this road are 6/10 miles from Bradford
Hill Road beyond series of sharp curves. They are on opposite sides of the
road and have 5 or 6 burials in each marked by fieldstones. Local residents
says the south side cemetery may be the Moore family who lived in log house
there. North side of road 36-12-91N 85-58-66W South side of road
36-12-90N 85-58-68W

The fourth cemetery up the Wilkerson Hollow is 8/10 mile from Bradford Hill
Road and is located beside the road. Graves marked with fieldstones. Some
reports says these may be cemeteries of Allen families.
36-12-91N 85-59-00W

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