Wilkerson-Ballinger Cemetery Pictures

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Wilkerson-Ballinger Cemetery
The Wilkerson-Ballinger Cemetery is located 137 Dyers Branch Road. It is
approx 2/10 mile off road to the right of a brick house and behind a barn.
It appears to be poorly maintained.

Surname noted are: Baker, Stallings, Wilkerson, Dennis, Harel, and Scudder.
The stone of Daniel Wilkerson 16 Apr 1793 -19 Jan 1860 appears to be the
oldest but there are several graves from the 1870's .Approx 35 marked
burials and several fieldstones, The latest burial noted was in 1950.
For a complete listing of this cemetery see SmithCountyCemeteries-South
of the Cumberland River pg. 60-61.

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