West Cemetery McClure's Bend Road Pictures
These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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West Cemetery
The West Cemetery is located behind the house at #13 McClure's Bend Road in the Defeated Creek community.
GPS 36-18-150N 85-53-878W

Holliman, William Rufus 25 May 1885-24 Mar 1953
Holliman, Bob Cleveland 13 Jun 1913-15 May 1940
West, Carsie 10 Nov 1898- 5 Aug 1938
"God gave, He Took, He will restore,
He doeth all things well"
West, Bob Taylor 14 Jul 1890-30 Mar 1910
"He was a kind loving son and a affectionate brother"
Robinson, M.L. Died 22 June 1932
Robinson, Ruthia Died 1921
Several graves marked by fieldstones.

For more information on this family see "What is in a Name?"
by Hoke Holland West page 275. Published 1970

Not listed in Smith County Tennessee cemetery books.
Copied and photographed by John Waggoner Jr 23 Mar 2007

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