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William Walton Cemetery
The William Walton Cemetery is located east of the Carthage end of the new
Veterans Memorial Bridge. Turn on road opposite the radio station and go under
the bridge. At the first gap in fence walk east approx. 100 yards toward wooded
area. Well maintained area is the cemetery of William Walton and his wife, Sarah,
which are marked by stone boxes. DAR plaques are on each box. Other early settlers
of Carthage are thought to be buried here.

William Walton was a Revolutionary soldier serving in the Seventh Regiment of the
Continenal Line of North Carolina After the war he received a land grant at the
confluence of Caney Fork and Cumberland River. He sold fifty acres to start the
city of Carthage. He was responsible for the Walton Road route over the Cumberland
Mountains for the new settlers which was completed in 1801. He represented Sumner Co
in 1788 in the North Carolina General Assembly and also in the 4th Tennessee General
Assembly 1801-1803. He was in the Senate in 1807-1809 representing Smith and Jackson
counties. In 1813-1815 he was representing Smith Co in the Senate. William Walton died
Mar 6, 1816 and his wife,Sarah, May 30, 1840.

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