Vanderpool-Rittenberry Cemetery Pictures

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Vanderpool-Rittenberry Cemetery
The Vanderpool-Rittenberry Cemetery is located in Helms Bend about 1 mile
W. of junction of Smiths Road. The zinc mine has build a underground pipeline
that goes by the old Cooper School. Park and follow the pipeline clearing
south for 1/2 mile until you come to a open field at the botton of hill.
Cemetery will be on the left on top of low hill. About 1/4 mile from Caney
Fork River. Not maintained in many years.
36-11-89N 85-54-00W

Vanderpool, John 14 Feb 1833 - 19 Dec 1912
"Beloved One Farewell"
Vanderpool, Matilda 17 Feb 1838 - 22 Sept 1901
"Faithful to her trust even unto death"
(Note- Death date listed in cemetery book as 1910.)
Vanderpool, Boyd W. 17 July 1916 - 24 July 1916
"Gone to be a Angel"
Vanderpool, Hobert Lee 10 Mar 1918 - 13 Mar 1918
Rittenberry, Infant B& D 1 Nov 1898
Rittenberry, Mattie 5 Apr 1900 - 29 Spt 1901
Rittenberry, Vallie 1 Feb 1905 - 3 Dec 1910
Rittenberry, Henrietta 16 Nov 1867 - 4 May 1918
"No Pain No Grief No Anxious Fear
Can Reach Our Loved One Sleeping Here"
Several fieldstones including one with metal funeral
home marker that is no longer readable.

Family member reported that Fred and Floyd Rittenberry are buried here.
Henrietta was Freds first wife and Mattie and Vallie were their children.

Names and dates from Smith County Cemeteries- South of the Cumberland River Pg 192.
Epithets copied by Retta Waggoner.

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