Vaden Cemetery Pictures

These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Vaden Cemetery
Located 3 miles east of Carthage Hwy 70. Turn at Al Gore's house onto
Helms Bend Road then go pass zinc mine to fork in road. Cemetery located
to the west behind abandoned farm house.

Photo on stone of Frank E. and Alma D. Vaden.

Vadens buried here are:
Frank E. July 09, 1909---Nov. 01, 1935
Alma D. Sept.24,1912-----
Mary Louise March 11,1874--June 08,1930
Mack Dec.01,1865--Oct.24,1945
D.A. w/o J.D. Nov.18,1830--Jan.30,1893
J.D. May 03,1823--Jan.24,1893
Alvie T. Dec.26,1889--Aug.14,1961
Mamie Lee Nov.14,1892----
Aremity May 13,1851--Jan.26,1919
John D. Aug.05,1850--March 31,1921
Georgia May Aug.05,1896--July 24,1937
John H. Dec.15,1885--Aug.02,1953
Willie F. March 15,1874--April 16,1938
Beulah Etta Sept.15,1882--Aug.09,1960
Jessie B. Jan.12,1876--Dec.10,1929
Lamont (Monty) 1934--March 15,1982 s/o Frank & Alma
Gentry, Ruth 1912--1959

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