Unknown Hogan Creek Cemetery Pictures

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Unknown Hogan Creek Cemetery
About a tenth mile of a mile off Hogan Creek Road on Ballenger Road lies a cemetery that is largely
unknown. There are at least 4 above ground crypts made of hand hewn stones of the type used in the
early to mid 1800s. It is possible there are other graves here that are marked by fieldstones. No names
can be read on any stone but older residents of the area say they have always heard that it was the Hogan
family. If this is true, it could be the graves of the family of Arthur Hogan. In the woods is an old stone
chimney where a house once stood. It is about 200 yards west of the cemetery. The cemetery is
approximately 200 yards south of Ballenger Road on the back southeast corner of Lot #6 of the Ruth
McKinney Horsley farm which was auctioned on Oct 12, 2002.
36-14-41N 85-59-30W.

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