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Tyree Cemetery
The Tyree Cemetery is located approximately three miles north of New Middleton a half
mile beyond the end of Barnett's Campground Lane. It is located in a field under a wild
Cherry tree to west of old abandon road that went across hill to Barnett's Campground on
Plunkett's Creek. There is a chimney remaining of an old house that burned several years
ago 100 yards west of cemetery location. A heavy growth of the cemetery groundcover
periwinkle marks the site. This is a remote area accessible only by four wheel drive vehicle.
36-12-69N 86-01-61W

Tyree, James A. 17 June 1822 - 17 Nov 1896
Tyree, Elizabeth 1 Apr 1822 - 14 Sept 1898
"Mothers gone but not forgotten"
Presence of fieldstones indicate other burials.

Copied by Retta Waggoner April 28, 2003
Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries- South of Cumberland River page 60.
(Note: Cemeteries listed in cemetery book as Gill Branch are
located on Barnett's Campground Lane due to name change.)

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