Taylor Cemetery Pictures

These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Taylor Cemetery
The Taylor Cemetery is located beside the house at #289 St. Mary Hollow Road. This is about
100 yards from the intersection with Clubb Springs Road. Cemetery is next to the road but hard
to see as it is badly grown up. This very old cemetery has a fallen down rock enclosure for a box
type crypt with no markings visible. There are numerous fieldstones but only one tombstone found.
36-09-71N 85-49-38W

Taylor, Silas 17 June 1791-17 Feb 1854

Note: This stone has a Masonic or society emblem and markings of a type that I have
observed only on one other tombstone in the county. The other similar markings was on
the stone of Capt G.C. Moore (1832-1901) in the Neal-Moore Cemetery 15 miles away.

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