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Smith Cemetery
The Smith Cemetery is located beween Carthage and Gordonsville off of Hwy
53 on Bonnell Road at the east side of the railroad track crossing. There
are only three names on stones but there are a large number of unmarked
36-12-26N 85-56-90W

Smith, Ale 7 Sept 1849 - 5 Nov 1917
Smith, Nancy Evaline 12 Sept 1855 - 25 Apr 1912
Wife of Ale Smith - Daughter John & Leatha T. McGee
" Since thou can no longer stay to cheer me with thy love
I hope to meet with thee again in yon bright world above"
Dawson, Mary A. 18 Apr 1883 - 5 Jun 1883
D/O A.J. & L.M. Dawson

Listed on page 200 of Smith County Cemeteries-South of the Cumberland River
Note: Ale is in error listed as Abe.

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