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Sloan Cemetery
#80-48 Sloan Cemetery Smith Co. Cemeteries North of the Cumberland River
Also known as the Oldham Cemetery by local families

From highway 80 in Pleasant Shade turn right on Sloan Branch Rd. Go about 1/2 mile past
Pleasant Shade Post Office. Cemetery is in field on left on Wilmore farm. Has been partially
destroyed. Only three of the seven graves listed in the book are visible. Our thanks to Mr. and
Mrs. Kindred Oldham for information on this cemetery.

*Agnes daughter of J. C.and M.T. Gregory June 28, 1903- May 20, 1904
(Clinton and Mary Oldham Gregory)

M.E. Oldham, (Matilda E. Sloan Oldham) 1861--1940
J.H. (James) Oldham 1855-1888
Stones are destroyed on the following:
Sloan, Monola May 12, 1857--Feb. 20, 1858 d/o E.B. and Mary Sloan
Sloan, Sarah W. one date Sept. 18_4
Sloan, ? W. May 12, 1850--July 8, 1851
Sloan, J.R. Sept. 11, 1803--Jan. 10, 1858 (rock crypt?)
Sloan, C. J. Sept. 14, 1841--Nov. 28, 1857

*not listed in cemetery book

Copied By Terri and Caleb Dillehay

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