The The Simpson Cemetery Pictures - Potter Road
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Simpson Cemetery
The Simpson Cemetery is located on a farm at 154 Potter Road.
This is south of Sykes and east of Brush Creek communities.
GPS 36-05-941N 86-00-026W
Simpson,Thos Died 20 Sep 1862 age 56 years.
Simpson, Attalanta Died 26 Sep 1868 age 64 years
W/O Thos Simpson
Simpson, James C. 4 Sep 1833 - 29 Oct 1857
(This tombstone broken and badly fragmented)
Davis, W H "Bud" 1 Aug 1861 - 8 Sep 1940
Davis, Charlotte 23 Jan 1836 - 16 Mar 1913
Davis, John A. 11 Oct 1894 - 18 May 1908
(The large tombstone of John A. Davis has fallen
face down and information is from another source.)
Several other graves marked by fieldstones.

It appears cemetery was enclosed by a rock wall many years ago.

This cemetery is not listed in Smith County Tennessee cemetery books.
For more information on this family and cemetery see article by Katheryn
Frye Dickens in Smith County Historical & Genealogical Society Quarterly
Newsletter Vol 6. No. 1 Winter 1994 page 24.
Additional information can be found in History of Smith County Tennessee
page 694 "Thomas Simpson Family".

Copied and tombstone reconstructed by Retta Waggoner April 5, 2006.

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