Simpson Cemetery Pictures - Horseshoe Bend Road
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Simpson Cemetery
The Simpson Cemetery is located at 567 Horseshoe Bend Road at the Knight farm.

The Smith County History reports the following:
" During the civil war, Jim Simpson lived in the lower end of what is now called
the Knight farm. A group of soldier came across the river to get corn and other
supplies for the Army. For some reason when they left they carried Jim with them
and he was never heard of again. He left two children,a daughter, Mary, who was
aged about 8 years and a son, James about 6. Their mother and twin brothers had
died in 1859. He owned some slaves and they reared the orphaned children. Mary
(d.1934) later became the wife of Dr. R.W. King and James (d.1917) remained the
owners of the Simpson farm until their death."

The following stones are in this cemetery:
Simpson, Lucy 25 Mar 1823 -- 28 Sept 1859
Simpson, Hugh Bradley 13 May 1859 -- 14 June 1859 )
Simpson, William Holladay 13 May 1859-- 21 Aug 1859 ) Twin boys.
Knight, Dewey 1899 -- 1934)
Knight, Garnell 1898 -- -- )
King, Mary 1854 -- 1934
Meek, Carl E. 17 Oct 1926 --
Meek, Loleta (Knight) 22 July 1951 --30 Dec 1998
(D/O Dewey King Knight and Lucy McCall Knight)
Knight, Dewey King 27 Oct 1926 --(living)
Knight, Lucy McCall 8 Sept 1926 --(living)

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