Shephard-Tuggle Cemetery

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Shephard-Tuggle Cemetery
The Shephard-Tuggle Cemetery is located NW of Grant, Tn. off of Grant Hwy on Tribble Lane.
This cemetery is approx 1 mile off the highway in the center of the 600 acre Alvis farm.
Arrangements would have to be made to get thru locked gate and to locate this cemetery.
There is another cemetery on this farm that contains approx 15 graves marked by fieldstones
that is labeled on the USGS topo maps as a Tuggle Cemetery.
36-12-83N 86-04-90W

Shepherd, Polly Ann 1894-1895
Shepherd 1892 Inf d/o Walter & Lena Shepherd
Apple, Bettie 4 July 1857- 8 Dec 1925
Shepherd, Jo Annie 3 Sept 1865 - 21 Dec 1951
Tuggle, Pairlee 29 Apr 1863 - 10 Oct 1938)
Tuggle, Henry W 31 July 1863 - 23 Jan 1935)
Tuggle, Richard Clardy 26 Aug 1887 - 25 Oct 1931)
Tuggle, Robert Lester 11 Jan 1892 - 21 Sept 1920)
Shepherd, Mary Mason 2 Feb 1827 - 31 Jan 1911 )
Shepherd, Joel Turner 24 Apr 1827 - 9 Mar 1887 )
Napier, Inf s/o Frank & Maude Napier.

Copied Jan 12, 2002 by Retta Waggoner
This cemetery is not in the Smith County Tennessee Cemetery books.

Note: Suggested reading is Smith County Historical & Genealogical Society Newletter
Vol. IV, No. 4 "A Hunter's Moon Rose on a Macabre Murder Scene In The Flat Rock
Community" by Katheryn Frye Dickens. This concerns the axe murder of Richard
Clardy Tuggle and other information on the Tuggle and Shepherd families.

Also read Carthage Courier Oct 29th 1931 about the arrest of the Dennis brothers for this crime.

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