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Seay - Slave Cemetery
The Seay Cemetery is located on the south bank of Jennings Fork of Round
Lick Creek. The cemetery is on the property of Outback Ranch and is
directly behind the Seay house which was built ca. 1835. See Note*
This is an Afro-American cemetery started for the slaves of the Seay family
and continued by their descendents.
GPS 36-12-44N 86-05-80W

Seay, Ned 15 June 1830 -
Seay, Lee 1862-1891
Seay, Sherman 1866-1893
Seay, Francis 1836-1857
Seay, Winnie 1842-1908
Seay, J.S. 20 Oct 1866 - 7 Aug 1889
Seay, Lee Not readable
Harris, L.B.Bridgewater 12 Jun 1846-19 Mar 1892 W/O Andy
"A loving wife, a mother dear lies buried here"
Seay, Bobbie 8 Sep 1910-4 Oct 1912
"Our darling one has gone before"
Harris, Inf. of Hugh & Leeanner 7 May 1908
Hearn, Elizabeth 21 Mar 18-- (Broken fragment)
Approx. 35-40 graves unmarked or marked by fieldstones.

Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries-South of the Cumberland River 1984 page 23.
Copied by Retta Waggoner & Melissa Rose April 12, 2006.

*NOTE: The Seay Family cemetery along with a picture of the old Seay homeplace
can be seen on this website:

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