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These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Sayle Cemetery Before
The Sayle Cemetery is located at # 241 Old Lebanon Road on the west side of South Carthage Tn
in what was once called Enoch community. This cemetery was almost destroyed with the stones
down. A new property owner reset the stones, which are in front yard of his new home.
36-15-36W 85-58-57W

Sayle, William Harding 13 June 1861 - 28 Oct 1918
Sayle, Virginia Carter 20 Aug 1860 - 11 June 1919
"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal"
Bridges, Pattie Sayle 1 July 1882 - 13 June 1912
"Our Darling" w/o T. G. Bridges

Copied by John Waggoner Jr. Apr 29, 2002
Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries - South of the Cumberland River Pg. 6
& Cemetery Records of Smith County by Louise Gillespie Lynch Pg. 71

Notes: William Harding Sayle was the son of J. W. Sayle, 7 Apr 1836 - 18
Dec 1887, and wife Martha Grissum Sayle born 11 Apr 1842 and who died 27
June 1861, which was 14 days after the birth of William. J.W. Sayle is buried
in Old Mount Olivet Methodist Cemetery in Kenny's Bend and Martha is buried
in the Grissum Cemetery on Whitefield Rd. at Rome. Virginia Carter Sayle is
the daughter of John P. Carter 30 Jan 1828 - 21 Apr 1904 and Mary Susan
Waggoner who was born on 22 July 1840. J.P. and Mary Susan are buried in the
Waggoner-Carter Cemetery about one mile from Sayle Cemetery. Pattie Sayle
the daughter of William and Virginia married on 27 Dec 1900 to Thomas Guthrie
Bridges born 4 Apr 1873 and died 30 March 1903. He is buried in Macedonia
Cemetery in New Middleton with other members of his family. Thomas and
Pattie had a daughter named Inez Bridges.

Sayle Cemetery Before
This picture was before the landowner reset the old stone.

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