Royster Cemetery Pictures

These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Royster Cemetery
The Royster Cemetery is located off Highway 80 on Kemp Hollow Lane. Turn off
Hwy 80 (Pleasant Shade Hwy) at Kemp Hollow Lane- cross bridge over Peyton's
Creek - turn left then turn right before brick house. Cemetery is in field behind the
house. This was in the front yard of the old Royster home which is being torn down.
All stone are down and covered with dirt. We were able to dig one out but did not
have tools necessary to do the others.

Thankfully the Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries- North of the Cumberland River
has preserved these name on page 115.

Royster, Mary 26 Oct 1807 - 20 Nov 1898
Royster, Mary Ann 30 Aug 1838 - 28 Oct 1898
Royster, I.E. 1833 - 1918
Royster, Pauline 1838 - 1921
36-19-32N 85-58-33W

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