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Piper Cemetery
The Piper Cemetery which is located at #470 Helm's Bend Road has been restored during August 2003
under direction of an elderly family member. The large trees and brush was removed, an iron fence was
constructed, the stones were cleaned and reset, and a trust fund was established for perpetual care.
PS 36-18-29N 85-53-45W

NOTICE: Please be considerate of the landowner!
This cemetery is on private property and permission to visit must be obtained from the landowner.

Piper, Allen 8 May 1803-- 24 June 1889
Piper, Rebecca 4 Mar 1822-- 5 Mar 1907
Piper, Martha J. 11 Apr 1847-- 19 Mar 1914)
Piper, H.A. 24 July 1845-- )
Piper, Cora 29 Mar 1874--30 June 1894 w/o E.A.

(Names and dates from Smith County Cemeteries-South of the Cumberland River)

Note From John A Piper:
Also buried here is Russia daughter of Henry A. and Martha Jane (Ligon) Piper the grave is unmarked.
Ida Piper, the infant child of Henry and Martha Jane Piper is buried somewhere on this Old Piper
farm but not in this cemetery.

Piper Cemetery - May 2000
The Piper Cemetery before restoration.
Its hard to believe this is the same cemetery.

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