Parris Cemetery Pictures

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Parris Cemetery
The Parris Cemetery is located at #70 Pigg Branch Road 300-400 hundred
yards in the woods at the site of old cabin and farm buildings. Grown up
and stones broken or supported by a tree.

Thomas, J.A. Parris 9 Oct 1847 - 11 July 1895 w/o B.F.
Parris, Sam G. 11 July 1853 - 19 May 1908
Paris, Ira K. 13 June 1865 - 25 Sept 1936
Gass, Nealie B 16 Dec 1862 - 4 Dept 1940

This cemetery is listed in Smith County Cemeteries- South of the Cumberland River Page 172.

Remains of old buildings next to cemetery.

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