Old Carthage Cemetery Pictures

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Old Carthage Cemetery
The Old Carthage Cemetery is located on the NW corner of the square in
Carthage beside the church. In this view the Braden United Methodist
Church, the Smith Co. Library and the Courthouse are visible.

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Col. John Fite
Grave of Col. John Fite, 7th Tn. Infantry CSA, captured at Gettysburg.

Col. Pleasant Cornwell
Stone engraved "Col. Pleasant Cornwell 16 Dec 1813- 27 Jan 1854
Born in Pitts Co. Va.---shot by David B. Allen"

Joseph Meyer
" A youth he left home and friends and native land and came poor,
friendless, and alone to a land of strangers, to build in spite of many
obstacles, an honored name which his descendants are proud to bear."

Col. H. B. McDonald

Julia G. McDonald

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George Kenyon Cox Salter

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