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Newbell Cemetery
The Newbell Cemetery is located next to the Gwaltney Cemetery at 220 Jenkins Hill Road.
This cemetery is enclosed by a old iron fence. When the new fence was put around the
Gwaltney Cemetery this area was enclosed also. Family reports that the Gwaltneys gave
this land for a cemetery.
36-07-29N 85-56-45W
Newbell, Edmond 12 June 1814 - 6 Oct 1870
Newbell, Louisa 29 Sept 1826 - 6 Sept 1902
Newbell, J.H. 9 Feb 1846 - 16 Feb 1914
Newbell, W.H. 21 Aug 1858 - 5 Nov 19??
Newbell, Mary F. 1 Feb 1861 - 4 Nov 1882

Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries South of the Cumberland River page 82.

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