Gordonsville Nazarene Church Cemetery Pictures

These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Gordonsville Nazarene Church Cemetery
The Nazarene Church Cemetery is located behind the Gordonsville Nazarene
Church on East Main St. ( Hwy 141) in the Town of Gordonsville. This is a old
cemetery with dates noted from the mid 1800's. DAR markers have been placed
for Joseph Allison -1750 - 1826 Rev. Soldier and wife Elizabeth Madden
Allison Ca 1775 - 1845 Born in N.C.

Surnames in this cemetery:
Thompson, Paaris, Overstreet, Hendricks, Gillihan, Nolen, Paty, Kelley,
Harrison, Boze, Thomas, Nabors, Gentry, Crawford, Davis, Lynch,Peak, Parret,
Moss, Maxwell, Mason, Parkerson, Hoosier, Manners, Jones, Betty, Anderson,
Widdowson, Crutchfield.

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