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The Patrick Moore Cemetery
The Patrick Moore Cemetery is located SE of Brush Creek. At the intesection
of Earl Steele Rd and Potter Rd there is a foundation of old burned house
and a new log house on hill. Turn on this farm road and continue for a short
distance and the Wills Cemetery is on the right. Continue this road to a
house. Ask permission at this house and continue farm road to a barn where
road turns right along edge of field to another barn. Cemetery is in the
bushes and briars to south of barn. It is approx. 1 mile from the Potter Rd
& Earl Steele Rd intersection.The unusual metal markers placed by unknown
family members years after the death of Patrick Moore provide much of the
information that is known about this family.
36-06-61N 86-00-22W

Washburn, Polly Ann 24 Oct 1821 - 27 Sept 1827 (metal marker)
Washburn, Thaddeus E b. 3 Aug 1838 age 15 months
Washburn, Lewis H b. 14 Mar 1841 age 14 months
Washburn, Caroline J w/o W.W.
(footstone with initials "W.W.W.")
Washburn, Lewis 9 July 1796 - 31 Dec 1872
Moore, Patrick 1768 - 1836 (metal marker)
Moore, Elizabeth w/o Patrick Moore b. Va 1767, married
there 1790, d. July 1837 (metal marker)
Brown, James M 3 May 1835 - 21 Oct 1858
Brown, W.T. Co. B 5th Tenn broken stone no legible dates
Brown, J.H. 27 Mar 1833 - 12 May 1882
The following graves are in a small iron fenced enclosure:
Gwaltney, Edwin 23 Oct 1834 - 21 Sept 1913
Gwaltney, Elizabeth 6 June 1833 - 16 Sept 1920
Gwaltney, John G 1 June 1876 - 1 June 1891
Broken stone with dates 1803 - 1864.

Names and dates from Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries- South of the Cumberland River Pg. 138.

O, There's Rest for the Weary! Elizabeth Moore nee Mullins Relict of
Patrick Moore, Dec'd Born in Virginia 1767 Married there to Patrick
Moore 1790 Died in July 1837 A faithful and affectionate wife and
mother- Gone Home. Companion in life, in death not long divided.

PATRICK MOORE Born in Ireland Migrated to Virginia 1788 Married Elizabeth
Mullins 1790 Moved on a Farm near Abbeville S C 1792 Moved to Wilson County
Tenn 1807 or 8. He raised 11 sons and four daughters - all married- and here
lived until he died June 1836 In hope of a better life beyond the grave

Fred G. Key, noted historian and genealogist, our guide at the Patrick Moore
Cemetery. He is the brother of the late F. Carmack Key - prominent historian
and genealogist.

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