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McGee Cemetery
The McGee Cemetery is located off Bradford Hill Road on the Skelton farm
near the intersection of Bluff Creek Road. The grave of Manda Jane Williams
McGee 20 Jan 1874 - 25 May 1935 is the only one marked. There are five
above ground crypts that are said to be members of the Skelton family. One
of these is the grave of Dorthula Perlina Waggoner born Sept 30, 1832 died
March 18, 1889. She married James M. Skelton. He disappeared during the
Civil War and was presumed missing since he was never heard from again. She
later married M.P. Martin. Their pre civil war house is located approx. 300
yards away and is shown in Alvis Cemetery photos.

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Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries South of the Cumberland River Pg.199.

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