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These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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McClanahan Cemetery
The McClanahan Cemetery is located south of I-40 off Grant Road on Hidden Valley Lane. It is
on the west side of hill about 100 yards after crossing stream on footbridge. It is grown up with
vegetation and not easy to locate. This is on private property at the end of the lane.
The circa 150 year old house was demolished Sept. 2003.
GPS 36-10-14N 86-04-07W

McClanahan, John Turner 20 Dec 1876 - 15 Sep 1878
S/O W T & P McClanahan Aged 1 Year 9 mos 25 days
"Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven"
McClanahan, Eveline 13 Jan 1828 - 29 May 1877
W/O T Age 49 Years 4 Mo 16 days.

One fieldstone marked burial noted that appeared to be a child based on length of grave. Former
Landowner stated that he thought there was an additional stone that we did not locate but we found
a broken piece with no markings. Eveline's tombstone has been blackened and damaged by a recent
brush fire but is still readable.

Copied by Retta Waggoner 22 October 2000. Photographed 29 Sept 2003.
Photos of house courtesy of Katheryn Dickens
Not listed in the Smith County Tennessee cemetery books.

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