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Matthews Cemetery
The Matthews Cemetery is located in the Hackett Hollow east of Monoville off Hwy 80.
About a mile up the Hackett Hollow on the right is an old house near the road with a
mobile home beyond it. Turn right behind the mobile home and continue on the logging
road for a quarter mile. The cemetery is 75 yards from the road on a steep hillside.
36-19-65N 85-56-63W

We searched for over a year for the Matthews Cemetery. We talked to people who knew
it existed but not its location. In the fall of 2001, Terri Dillehay, Retta Waggoner and I
went into the area. After talking with some loggers working there, we climbed a hill and
discovered the cemetery under a big tree. We counted 12 graves which were marked by
field stones. On a return visit we took Retta's Father, Eugene Matthews, with us. He had
attended the funeral of Ned Matthews and was able to point out his grave to us. Although
Ned Matthews died in 1931 he is still remembered as a very religious person who could
sing every word of the old hymns although he could not read or write. Being too young to
fight in the War Between the States, he served as a cook for the Union Army.
He often stated he was cooking pancakes at the Battle of Shiloh.

Read the following article in Cal's Column for more information on Ned Matthews:

Go To May 19, 1949 Cal's Column Article

Matthews, E.L. "Ned" 14 June 1852 - 19 June 1931*
S/O Claiborne Matthews & Sarah Phillips
Matthews, Sarah Knight Dec 1856 - Ca. 1926
W/O Ned Matthews D/O John A. Knight & Joanna Matthews
Also thought to be buried here is a son of Ned & Sarah named C.D.Matthews.
(*A gravemarker was acquired for Ned & Sarah and photos have been added see pictures below)

Go To E. L. "Ned" Matthews Obituary

In Memory Of Ned and Sarah Knight Matthews
This Grave marker was placed April 24, 2003 for her great granduncle Ned Matthews
by Retta Matthews Waggoner with assistance from Estella Morrison, a Knight relative,
and Forrest Nesbitt, Jr., the property owner.

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