William Martin Cemetery Pictures
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William Martin Cemetery
The William Martin Cemetery is located at 170 Scanty Branch Road in Cato, Trousdale Co.
which was once Smith Co. This cemetery has been cleaned old photos are at end of page.

Clean up work done by Dixon Springs Preservation Association (DSPA)

The old photos were uploaded Dec. 7, 2000. This update uploaded April 1, 2007

Surnames in this cemetery: Martin, Drake, Brooks, Glover, Nunley, Hammack,Haynie, and Earps.
Jacob and Susannah Burrus are also reported to be buried here.

For a listing of burials see the Online Smith County North Cemetery Book:

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2000 Pictures

The William Martin Cemetery - 2000
In this photo The William Martin Cemetery is in the cluster of trees in
the center of the plowed field. In the background is the village of Cato.

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