Manners Cemetery Pictures

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Manners Cemetery
The Manners Cemetery is under the trees.
The Manners Cemetery is located South of Gordonsville to Lancaster road
(Hwy 141). Turn south on Hickman Creek Road North approx 3/10 mile out of
Gordonsville city limits and continue south approx 1/2 mile to the Mason
Hollow Rd. (near Box 40). Go to the end of this road thru the gates to the
house. Cemetery is located to the right of large metal barn approx. 100
yards on the hill. This cemetery is almost destroyed with most stones down.
36-09-23N 85-54-33W

Manners, Inf of Fred and wife 16 - 25 May 1893
Manners, Bettie w/o Fred 13 Dec 1876 - 8 Dec 1895
Heflin, M.J. Manners w/o P.C. 28 Jan 1852 - 12 Sept 1885
Manners, Mary
Manners, Millie (these two names on fieldstones with no dates)
Manners, Hiram S. 1863 - 1921
Hopkins, Elizabeth 10 May 1857 - 19 May 1905
Stallings, J.D. 16 Dec 1868 - 18 Oct 1891
Several fieldstones

(Names and dates from Smith County Cemeteries - South of the Cumberland River Pg. 86 - 87)

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