Litchford Cemetery - Whitefield Lane Pictures
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Litchford Cemetery
The Litchford Cemetery is located on private farm at #225 Whitefield Lane.
Cemetery is one-fourth mile from road. It was 100 yards from location of
The Litchford home which has been demolished.
GPS 36-14-063N 86-04-178W

Litchford, Kate Baker 1863-1953
Litchford, Harvey D. 1857-1953
Litchford, Mary Garner 1869-1902

Note: According to Smith Co. marriage records Harvey Litchford married
Mary Garner Nov 14, 1886 and Katie Baker Feb 1, 1903.

There are approx. 30 unmarked graves at this location many of whom the
landowner stated died in early 1900s from an epidemic.
Not listed in the Smith County Tennessee Cemetery books.
A special thanks to Pamela Dies for information on this cemetery.
Copied by Retta Waggoner 30 March 2006.

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