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The Knight Cemetery
The Knight Cemetery is located approximately one half mile east of Chestnut Mound,
Tennessee, 100 yards west of the house at # 927 Cookeville Highway. The cemetery
is located in a pasture and some stones are down. It is, however, clean and accessible.
36-12-31N 85-49-33W

Knight, Robert H. 22 Nov 1875 - 9 Apr 1904
Knight, Sammie E. 26 Dec 1876 - 21 July 1891
S/O E. H. & Eliza Knight
"Darling Boy Farewell"
Cooper, Walton Fain 12 Nov 1912 - 12 Nov 1912
Knight, Dr. Elijah Haynie 20 Aug 1841 - 26 May 1923
"None knew thee but to love thee
None named thee but to praise"
Knight, Eliza Fain 17 Sept 1852 - (no death date)
Knight, Susan Haynie 20 Aug 1818 - 13 Jan 1903
W/O R. W. Knight
Knight, Robert W. 24 Oct 1811 - 14 Dec 1896
"Erected to the memory of father and mother by their children"
Knight, Fannie Mahaney 20 July 1862 -25 Sept 1927
"A loving wife, a mother dear, lies buried here"
Knight, H. L. 22 Oct 1852 - 25 Jan 1944
"An honest man the noblest work of God"

Note- Dr. Elijah Hayne Knight was a Confederate Soldier serving in Co. B, 7th
Tennessee Infantry. He was wounded with a minie ball in his lung and was sent
home to die, which he did in 1923. A history of the life of Dr. Knight is in
Goodspeeds History of Smith County, Page 950 or on this website.

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Copied by Retta Waggoner, March 5, 2002

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