Kittrell-Dodger Cemetery Pictures

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Kittrell-Dodger Cemetery
The Kittrell Cemetery is located north of Pleasant Shade at # 86 Little Creek Road
near the intersection with Big Creek Road. Beside and below the road in the side
yard of residence. The Lipscomb Cemetery is across the road on the hill.

Kittrell, J.B. 7 Apr 1839 - 22 Apr 1902
Kittrell, Julia B. 4 Jul 1836 - 8 Apr 1902
Kittrell, Dodger 1860 - 1940
Kittrell, Martha 1864 - 1938
Kittrell, Laura T. 5 Oct 1894 - 21 Jan 1895
Infant of R.L. & N. G. Kittrell

Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries - North of the Cumberland River Pg. 135

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