Kittrell Cemetery Pictures

These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Kittrell Cemetery
The Kittrell Cemetery is located at 394 Defeated Creek Hwy (Hwy 85) behind
the house and above the barn. It is enclosed by a iron fence.
36-19-43N 85-54-39W

Kittrell, Lethie 24 Dec 1861 - 21 May 1930
"Asleep in Jesus Blessed Thought"
Kittrell, Isham G. 17 Nov 1860 - 18 Feb 1922
"He is not Dead but Sleepeth"
Kittrell, Lottie H 1892 - 1918

Transcribed by Retta Waggoner

(Note - Smith County Cemeteries - North of the Cumberland River on page 164
listed Haynie, Isham Woodson 14 Apr 1911-10 Jun 1916 but we did not find his
stone. Lottie Kittrell was not listed.)

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