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Jamison Cemetery
The Jamison Cemetery which is on a slight elevation under trees in a pasture. This is a very old
cemetery with the graves being over 160 years old. Some of the stones are broken and others have
become unreadable. There is evidence of at least two above ground crypts that have been destroyed.
There are two cemeteries located on the Royster Farm. Directly behind the house located at #55
Royster Lane, about 200 yards, is the Duke/Martin Cemetery (see link at bottom of this page) .
And continuing another 300 yards west is the Jamison Cemetery
36-19-59N 86-02-67W

Jamison, Mary Jane 10 Nov 1824 - 24 Sept 1840
Dau of Jery & Alethia Jamison
Jamison, Jane 1760 - 15 Jan 1835 w/o Thomas Jamison
Jamison, Alethia Porter 17 May 1805 - 9 Oct 1840
Jamison, Thomas 1750- 1826
Jamison, Willie Apr 18-- 1 Aug ---- S/O Jere & Alethia
5 unmarked graves

Names and dates from Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries-North of the Cumberland River Page 52.

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