Highers Cemetery Pictures
These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Highers Cemetery
The Highers Cemetery is located on a farm at the end of Lester Lane off Rawls Creek
Road. The cemetery is on a hill in deep woods with a heavy cover of periwinkle. All
the stones are down with some partially buried and others completely buried. Near
the cemetery are the chimneys of an old house and a springhouse. The cemetery is
approx. two-tenths mile north of another Highers Cemetery on Lester Lane.
GPS 36-13-463N 86-03-353W

Enoch, Annie Highers 11 Feb 1872-28 Apr 1913 W/O R.L.
Enoch, Claude 8 May 1902-10 Oct 1908
Enoch, Robert L 20 May 1904-12 Mar 1921
Highers, Helen B. 15 Sep 1831-10 Sep 1913
Highers, Wilson B. 24 Dec 1826-25 May 1891
Highers, John W. 17 Oct 1863- 2 Jan 1930

Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries-South of the Cumberland River page 15.
Photographed July 29, 2006

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