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These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Harel Cemetery
The Harel Cemetery is located on Bradford Hill Road 1/10 mile north of
intersection with Bluff Creek Road on the farm of Mrs Dewey Wilkerson.
Cemetery is 150 yards behind old abandon house under big cedar trees.
36-12-95N 85-57-82W

Wilkerson, T.L. 27 Jun 1822 - 30 Sep 1902
Wilkerson, Elizabeth 15 May 1825 - 19 Sept 1907
(Note- Above Wilkersons were siblings neither of which married)
Harel, Alice 16 Apr 1857 - 13 Mar 1907 w/o Watt Harel
Harel, John Bell 8 Oct 1894 - 29 Jan 1918 s/o Daniel Harel
Harrel, D.W. 30 Jan 1860 - 7 Mar 1905 (Daniel Webster Harel)
"It was an angel that visited the green earth and took the flower away"
Harel, Clora Lee 2 Feb 1887 - 10 Mar 1907 d/o Daniel

Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries South of Cumberland River page 197.

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