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Moses Griffith Cemetery
The Moses Griffith Cemetery is located in DeKalb County east of Alexandria one and one fourth
miles off Hwy 70S behind the house at 1480 Henley Hollow Road. The owner, who is the third owner
of this property since land grant, states that the house he lives in was built in the 1830's. The rock walled
cemetery is grown up in briars, bushes, vines and weeds but does have a thick cover of day lilies.
The Jonathan Griffith Cemetery is located about 1/4 mile away on the next farm.
This area of Dekalb County was part of Smith County prior to 1837.
36-01-51N 85-59-30W

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Griffith, Joanna 30 Oct 1801- 31 July 1883
W/O Moses Griffith
Aged 81 years 9 months & 1 day
Griffith, Moses 5 Feb 1803 - 27 Nov 1861
Griffith, Sarah P. 19 July 1877- 23 Aug 1877
Griffith, Inf 31 May 1880 - 4 June 1880
S/O Josiah & S.F. Griffith
"Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven"
Griffith, Josiah 13 Dec 1834 - 6 June 1904
Griffith, Susanna F. 13 Mar 1838 - 9 July 1900
Griffith, Martha A. 30 Aug 1828-7 Sept 1904
"Sheltered and Safe from Sorrow"
Scott, Joshia B. 6 Dec 1833 - 22 Oct 1862
H/O Martha Ann Scott
Age 28 years 10 months
Scott, Anna Josephine 28 Apr 1862 - 3 Aug 1896
W/O T.J. Lynch
Scott, Sarah Rebecca 5 Jan 1858 - 23 Feb 1904
Age 47 years 1 month 18 days

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Moses Griffith Tombstone
In Memory of
born Feb. 5,1806
died Nov 27, 1861

This family--farm cemetery is located in Dekalb County. Was originally in Smith County.
This cemetery is the second GRIFFITH cemetery on this the original farm land grant/deed?.
It is the Moses GRIFFITH cemetery. Moses was the oldest son of Jonathan GRIFFITH.
Moses was born on this farm shortly (within 12-18 months?)after Jonathan Griffith and his
wife Elisabeth arrived in Smith County and settle here on this farm at Forks of the Pike,
near Liberty TN.This farm was added to, divided(among sons of Jonathan GRIFFITH),partly
sold and then, re-added to, and re-divided again, as time went on.

This photo was taken April 1970, including that of Moses wife, Joanna JENKINS GRIFFITH.

Joanna (Jenkins) Griffith Tombstone
wife of Moses
born Oct 30,1801
died July 31,1883
aged 81 years, 9 mos,&
1 day

The grave is located in (Moses) GRIFFITH Cemetery . Joanna JENKINS and
Moses GRIFFITH married 10 August 1826(From Griffith family Bible). No
proven documentation of parents of Joanna JENKINS. (Her mother's first name
may have been Elizabeth who was born Pennsylvania. Assumption also leans
toward the name of Joanna's father being Josiah JENKINS(?Sr)--
But also have a marriage record for Elizabeth SMITH and Wiatt JENKINS in
1799, Lincoln Co NC)>>> Help regarding proof of either of these
assumptions from ANYONE would be appreciated.

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