The Gregory Family Cemetery Revisted - May 11, 2002

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The Volunteers!!
On May 11, 2002 members of the Gregory, Shoulders, Miller, and other families met at the Gregory
Cemetery near Mace's Hill. Approx. 40 people assisted in cleaning this cemetery that was badly grown
up in briars, bushes, vines and trees. Stones that were down were reset in their proper positions. A new
fence was placed to protect the cemetery. At midday a dinner of BBQ, baked beans, country ham and
biscuits, pinto beans, potato salad, chocolate pie and other fine foods were provided the workers.
It is their intention to mow and permanently maintain this cemetery.

The Black Haw Tree
The following lines from the April 11, 1957 Cal's Column article refer to this Tree
which according to those present who remember the Old Days say the tree has grown
very little sense childhood. It is a very rare tree and does not grow very large.

"We had often gathered haws from the black haw tree that still stands near
the head of the grave of the first inmate of that little country burial place.

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This is the child mention in the April 11, 1957 article above.

Parents Of Cal Gregory

Grandfather And Namesake Of Cal Gregory

Grandmother Of Cal Gregory

Clearing The Cemetery

Installing The New Fence

Resetting Stones
Tom Dickerson, Bill Miller and others reset a fallen stone.

Retta Waggoner prepares her glue gun prior to cementing a tombstone.

The Midday Dinner

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