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Foley Cemetery
The Foley Cemetery is located on the Winfree farm at 309 Hiwassee Road. It
is in the yard of the house on the hill. The old Murphy house was torn down
to build a new home at the location. A beautiful touch was the use of the old
fireplace mantle and wood flooring from the old house into the new one.
36-18-02N 85-06-32W

Murphy, John S. 2 Mar 1839 - 18 Jan 1911
Murphy, Malissa D. 17 July 1842 - No date
Foley, Bazzel 8 June 1809 - 20 Dec 1891
"Raised a orphan boy,
made a honorable man,
died with a honest heart."
Foley, Rachel H. 5 Aug 1814 - 30 Aug 1875
Foley, Bazzell Jr. B & D July 1842
Foley, Bazzell Jr 19 June 1868 - 14 May 1871
S/O J.R. & A.T.
Foley, J.R. 19 June 1868
Foley, A.T. 14 May 1871
Greyor, Samuel B. Apr 1858 - July 1858

Copied by Retta Waggoner July 24, 2002
Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries - South of the Cumberland River Pg 29.

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