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These Photos Graciously Submitted by John Waggoner Jr.
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Dowell-Denney Cemetery
The Dowell - Denney Cemetery is located east of Alexandria Hwy (Hwy 53)at box #145.
Turn up hill go to split in road and take right drive continue pass barn and follow road to
cemetery. This cemetery was almost destroyed, with the stones buried, when the late Paul Dowell,
Sr. led a restoration effort. The stones were reset, a fence constructed, and the area mowed and
maintained. He published a newsletter for the family members to help in this activity.
36-09-25N 86-0113W

Denney, Elizabeth Waggoner 26 Aug 1846 - 9 Sep 1892
Denney, Brown 19 Sept 1839 - 13 Feb 1922
Denney, Martha Ann 25 June 1865 - 2 Feb 1928
Denney , Grover 26 Jan 1895 - 15 Jan 1909
Denney, Vergie Lee 22 Aug 1902 - 13 Oct 1918
Woodard, Willard Dew 22 Feb 1916 - 12 July 1922
Rollins, Jack 18 Oct 1913 - 2 Sept 1976
Several fieldstone - one hand engraved " L Harp" another "P D".
Copied by Retta Waggoner Nov 13, 1999.

According to the late Paul Dowell, Sr the following were buried here.
Dowell, Nehemiah 1767 - Sep 1842
Dowell, Elizabeth Deering Anderson 1766 - Mar 1853
Dowell, Presley died 1839

Notes: Elizabeth Waggoner Denney was daughter of Jacob and Celia Waggoner and
married Brown Denny on Sept. 18, 1864. Brown Denney was the son of Wiley and
Clara Denney. He was a Confederate Soldier in 2nd TN Cav. serving under
Nathan B. Forrest. Brown and Elizabeth had several daughters one of which
(Margie) married Allen Gore, and were the parents of Sen. Albert Gore. Albert
was father of former VP Al Gore. After the death of Elizabeth, Brown married
Martha Ann Fuller, daughter of James G. and Malissa Fuller, on June 7, 1893.

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