Donoho Cemetery Pictures

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Donoho Cemetery
The Donoho Cemetery is located in the Carver Hollow approx three miles north Difficult.
It is across the creek and 50 yards from the road.
36-23-85N 85-57-77W

Donoho, Odis 5 June 1883 - 9 Aug 1920
Donoho, J.T. 2 Jan 1857 - 12 Aug 1941
Donoho, W.A. 8 Jun 1857 - 14 Nov 1894
(Note: The stone with above two names has fallen face down and cannot be read.)
Lamb, Elizabeth Age 32 years -17 May 1861 (engraved fieldstone)
Many fieldstones- several with readable engraving

Names and dates from Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries - North of the Cumberland River page 194.

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