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Dillehay Cemetery
The Dillehay Cemetery is located high a top a hill in the Brooks Hollow in Defeated Creek.

Edmond Dillehay born Oct. 12, 1767 died Dec. 1, 1827.
He married Joanah Asher. She was born April 11, 1778 and died May 11, 1865.

Family legend tells that Edmond was hunting for some hogs and admired the beautiful view from
the hilltop. He asked to be buried there. The spelling on his stone is Dillahay. There are various
spellings but most of his descendants spell it Dillehay. They were the parents of 14 children.
Many of Edmond and Joanah's descendants still live in the area. It was once told by an old timer
in the community that 'Dillehays and Johnson Grass will take over Defeated Creek.'

This Cemetery is listed in Smith County Cemeteries - North of the Cumberland River Page 208.

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