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Dean Cemetery
The Dean Cemetery is located in the Dean Hill/ Bagdad Community. Turn left in Kempville
onto Gladdice Rd. Turn left onto Dean Hill Rd. Cemetery is behind log house. This road dead
ends now at the old Dean Hill School. It is not listed in cemetery book and is in poor condition.

Dean, Sophia A. August 17, 1827-- May 13, 1909
'A Beloved Wife of Jefferson Dean'
Holland, Willie A. August 10, 1893--December 26, 1894
s/o G.M and B.E. Holland
The above are the only two graves that have headstones. There are about 15 to 20 more graves visible.

The following information on additional graves was found in the book "Draper Families in America"
Smith Co. Library. Compiled by: Mrs. Willie Howard Draper Huddleston, Mrs. Ethel Nichols Anderson,
Mrs. Christine Spivey Jones, Mrs. Eleanor Drake Mitchell, Mrs. Mildred Draper Summers

Elizabeth Murray Dean born April 20, 1781 in South Carolina. Died October 10, 1866.
Wife of Willis Dean and mother of Jefferson Dean.
Fannie Holland Law, 1861--1893 d/o Richard and Alethia Dean Holland
Julia Ann Dean, October 13, 1846-- January 10, 1864 d/o Jefferson and Sophia Holland Dean.
Sarah Dean, March 8, 1858-- December 2, 1862 d/o Jefferson and Sophia Holland Dean
Aletha Dean, April 22, 1822--died 1905. Married Richard Holland (brother of Sophia Holland Dean)
Hayden Holland, born 1851 and died ca 1880-82 school teacher, s/o Richard and Aletha Dean Holland
Jefferson Dean, farmer born Feb. 15, 1824 in Smith Co. TN, Bagdad. Died Feb. 14, 1864 in Federal Prison
during Civil War. Buried on Johnson Island, Sandusky, Ohio. Married Oct. 9, 1845, Carthage TN to Sophia
Agnes Holland born Aug. 17, 1827 in VA. She died May 13, 1909 and buried on Dean farm, Bagdad TN.

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