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Davis Cemetery - Academy Lane #1
The Davis Cemetery is 200 yards above old abandon house located on a hill on
the south side of Academy Lane 2/10 mile from Brush Creek Circle intersection.
There is another Davis Cemetery in the yard of this old house in a stone enclosure
but this one is higher on hill at the edge of the pasture.
36-07-96N 86-01-93W

Stroud, M.L. D/O T.A. & C.A. Stroud 3 July 1853 - 29 Aug 1882
Stroud, Adaline 17 Jan 1826 - 10 Oct 1868 W/O T.J. Stroud
Davis, Mariah 15 Nov 1826 -11 Apr 1881 D/O I.H. & R. Davis
"Another link is broken in our house hold band
But a chain is forming in a better land."
Davis, Rebecca 29 May 1803 - 22 Oct 1881
Davis, Isaac H. 15 Jan 1802 - 30 Sept 1847
Davis, Jonathan L. 20 Apr 1837 - 12 Apr 1870
There was a hand carved fieldstone in the cemetery for the same person.
Philips, Thomas 4 June 1844 - 14 Sept 1894
Philips, Mollie 28 Sept 1847 - no death date.
A broken stone with the name Lucy A.

This cemetery is not listed in the Smith County cemetery book.
Copied by Retta Waggoner Oct 20, 2001.

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